商品編號: DVD916811
  商品名稱: XLN Audio Addictive Keys Complete v1.1.8 鍵盤樂器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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XLN Audio Addictive Keys Complete v1.1.8 鍵盤樂器
鼓舞人心的鍵盤,Addictive Keys把世界上最鼓舞人心和有趣的鍵盤樂器帶入詞曲作者,製作者和音樂製作者的工作室。 它獨特的聲音處理能力,智能化的工作流程,快速的加載時間以及出色的音質,旨在幫助您保持創意流暢,並在您所在區域創作出優秀的音樂。
Addictive Keys與ExploreMaps整齊排列的激動人心的預設。 每個預設甚至帶有在完美的光線下呈現預設的預覽。 如果你很匆忙,你可以使用預設,所以你不會失去靈感。 如果您正在設計新的聲音,強大的聲音引擎可以讓您對每個樂器有很好的控制。 你甚至可以混合和匹配麥克風設置!

Addictive Keys brings the world's most inspiring and interesting keyboard instruments into the studios of songwriters, producers, and music makers. Its unique sonic capabilities, smart workflow, fast load-times, and outstanding sound quality are designed to help you stay in the creative flow and to compose great music while you're in the zone.

Addictive Keys ships with tons of inspiring presets neatly arranged in ExploreMaps. Each preset even comes with previews that present the preset in the perfect light. If you're in a hurry, you can use presets as-is so you don't lose inspiration. If you're in the mood to design new sounds, the powerful sound engine gives you great control over each instrument. You can even mix and match microphone setups!

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