商品編號: DVDXX17152
  商品名稱: VovSoft Text Edit Plus 6.0 文本編輯器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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VovSoft Text Edit Plus 6.0 文本編輯器
Text Edit Plus是一款功能強大的編輯軟件,可以讓您在軟件上編輯文字內容,例如您可以輸入一些生活上的提示文字,可以輸入工作上的安排計畫,也可以將編程的代碼語句複製到軟件上保存,讓您可以隨時在電腦上記錄重要的事情或者是重要的句子;Text Edit Plus編輯的文本都是TXT格式的,內置剪輯線、文字編碼轉換、大小寫轉換、電子郵件分析比較兩個文件等功能,讓用戶在建立文本的時候可以獲得更多編輯工具!

Text Edit Plus is a lightweight tool that enables users to easily create new text documents or to modify existing ones. The application is designed as an alternative to Notepad, by offering a wider set of features.

Some of the features: Dark mode. Adding date and time. Changeability of background color and font properties. Encode and decode text. Combine lines. Command system for extracting the desired text. Delete empty lines. Delete same lines. Filter lines. Find and Replace. Full screen view. Generate e-mail list. Generate quick stats. Generate word list. Import picture as text (ASCII art). Insert numbers. Insert text into beginning or end of lines. Lowercase and uppercase conversion. Randomize lines. Reverse lines. Sort lines. Trim lines.

Whats New:
Utilized SynEdit text engine
Implemented real-time line numbers display
Increased high-dpi awareness for wide screens such as Full HD and 4K
Implemented load time display
Revised Find and Replace dialogs