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  商品名稱: Aloof Alert 2.2 一款功能強大的警報提醒解決方案
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Aloof Alert 2.2 一款功能強大的警報提醒解決方案
Aloof Alert是一款功能強大的警報提醒解決方案,您可以有效的減少相關的手動操作,並避免相關錯誤,提高效率。使用旨在為用戶帶來超級方便的管理發送提醒、更新、願望、公告、促銷和計畫等。能夠讓您和您的客戶之間輕鬆瞭解和同步相關的信息,它能夠從“忙碌”和“提示”之類的數據存儲中提取信息,並將提醒發送給相關人員,並且警告處理時自動進行的,您無需進行過多的操作,您可以去做其他的處理,軟件內置支持,可以處理當前時間的流行SMTP服務器的每日和每小時電子郵件配額。界面簡單友好,使用方便,節省時間

An advanced alert system which manages the process of sending reminders, updates, wishes, announcements, promotions, and schemes. Now keep yourself and your customers updated with relevant and required information. Aloof Alert pulls the information from data stores like Busy and Tally, prepares the alert and sends it to relevant people. Because alert processing happens automatically, you can utilize that time elsewhere.

Aloof Alert has built-in support for handling daily and hourly email quotas for popular SMTP servers of current time.


Works smoothly on any internet.
Concurrent data access.
Email and SMS support.
Supports BUSY Access and SQL Server.
Supports Tally ERP 9.

Can be used for sending reminders, updates, promotions, schemes and wishes.
Reduces the manual work of preparing reports, writing and sending alerts.
Increases the productivity. Because alerts are configured once and triggered automatically on scheduled date & time.
Helps improve the quality. Because alerts are system generated hence lesser chances of mistake(s).

Data Management
We introduced the concept of data plug-in to make our application compatible with different type of data sources.
Data plug-in configuration to access data from various sources.
Data explorer to facilitate easy and simple data handling.

Regular Email
Promotional Mailers
Wishes & Greetings
Service Reminder
Account Ledger
Amount Receivable
Payment Reminder
PDC Reminder
Account Ledger
Amount Receivable
Payment Reminder
PDC Reminder
Pending Sale Order
Pending Purchase Order
Sales Analysis
Stock Status

Email and SMS.

Data encryption for better security.
No third party involvement except email and SMS provider.

Data compression for better performance.

Built-in support for handling daily and hourly email quotas.
Logging and Tracing.

User Friendly
Light and easy installation.
Simple and easy configuration.
Rich yet user friendly.

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